Brand Protection and Anti-Phishing Site Takedown Service

Price: £POA – Usual customers are large corporate brands/ high street banks; contact info or sales.
+ Average take down rate for most targeted brands is over 20 Phishing/ Spoofing Sites per week.
+ Previously have taken down over 500 phishing sites, and even C&C (Command and Control) phishing site networks.
+ Can support any brand type or industry, immediate assistance and brand protection. We also offer yearly/ monthly support packages.

Instant DevOps / SRE Capability

Price: £POA – Knowledge and ability to support large websites and high street brands; only 24 – 72 hour notice required.
+ Lead/ Senior DevOps Engineer can be provided to instantly support your current team or outfit remotely.
+ High Volume Traffic sites can be supported (e.g. 50,000+ customers per second), and complex
systems repaired.
+ Securely provide login credentials and systems access to enable our Experts to instantly support you.

Corporate Security Auditing & Espionage Team

Price: £POA – Corporate Security review experience, audits & investigation of system breaches, insider/ outsider threat identification.
+ Senior Security Experts can be provided to remotely identify and investigate the cause of a breach or identify system weaknesses.
+ Discovered and Identified exact source of previous Corporate Espionage in a £5M+ Banking / Finance Payment System
+ Performing SQL Binary Log Forensics, Setup of System Traps to identify malicious actions and email admins/ directors immediately.

PrePenetration Test Report

Price: £POA – Real world penetration testing experience, mainly within Banking and Finance sectors.
+ Senior Pen Testing Experts can be provided to remotely identify vulnerabilities in IP’s, Sites, Ranges and Resources.
+ Pre-Test Report is ideally suited for companies who want to identify and remediate issues before undergoing a real-world pen test.
+ Experience – Three unique 0-day / Zero-Day’s Identified, that span over 3K devices globally; performed £20M+ trading bank hacks.

Cloud Enterprise Security Audits & Remediation

Price: £POA – Real world experience of Security Auditing and Reviews, and providing remediation recommendations.
+ Senior Security Experts can be provided to remotely audit and identify security configurations & review production resources.
+ Experience – Real world corporate experience of auditing £2BN Azure Estates and identifying the causes of security issues at scale.
+ Security Auditing and Architecture Review, DevSecOps, SecOps and Identifying public vectors for attack and threat vulnerabilities